Personal Care Manufacturer

Novatech were approached by a personal care manufacturer in Australia. They were looking for a dual purpose sachet filling machine to fill powders and liquids.  They were looking for a specific make and model as they were already running these machines in their factory.  Novatech had the appropriate machine in stock, however, it was only set up for single purpose.

As Novatech has extensive knowledge and contacts with the industry, we arranged to have the machine sent to one of our engineering contacts that specialised in modifying such machines.

The company provided their filling requirements and the machine was “set up” for their exact needs.  Once the modifications had been done and the machine tested, it was secured into a packing case and delivered to our customer ready for immediate use in their production room.

They have since contacted us and remarked on the professional and fast handling of their purchase, stating that it saved substantial time and money as the machine was ready for immediate production. They have since forwarded our details onto other manufacturers, which has resulted in the creation of relationships with them.

"Novatech provided a great service and fast shipping, essential for our industry."