Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Pakistan.

This Company began some thirty years ago as a chemist shop.  It later developed into a wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceuticals.  It is now one of Pakistan’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers.  They produce many forms of pharmaceutical product such as syrups, tablets, capsules and chewable tablets.  Due to their success,  they needed to build a new factory for production and required additional process and production equipment for manufacture.  Their need was for an entire production line from the initial process of making the tablet to filling the bottles, labelling and sealing etc.  As brand new equipment is incredibly expensive and has a long lead time, they were looking for some high quality immediately available second hand equipment that would still meet their strict manufacturing codes.

Novatech invited them to visit and inspect our range of equipment which suited their needs perfectly.  Novatech assisted with the planning and logistics of the installation and as they were looking to install quickly, we arranged for our shipping agent to collect and load all of the items into a container and organised the delivery with all the required shipping documents.

The factory is now fully operational and, such were the company impressed by our high standards of customer care and quality of equipment, they have returned as customers looking for further items of equipment to keep them ahead in their field.

"We have always found Novatech to be very efficient with an excellent level of customer service and client understanding."